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The Problem(s)

The “Comic Con” scene has absolutely exploded but the amount of space in a convention center remains the same. The “experience” remains the same or worse with the amount of people in a convention center. Prices are going up. There are no free options.

The Opportunity

Rochester. The city is strategically positioned to be the top solution. We have festivals like the Jazz Fest and Fringe fest that rival those numbers of attendance. We have the logistical experience. The international airport. The National Toy Hall of Fame. Kodak. And so much more. You can’t utilize the city of San Diego, Toronto or New York City like we can. Breaking out of the over crowded convention center and busting out into the streets. We can also provide free and paid events that are more specialized and less cost prohibitive throughout the city.


We are aiming to raise $250,000 or more to secure everything for year one.


In year one we believe we can generate between 15,000 and 35,000 in attendance depending on the timing of and amount of sponsors.

In years 3-5, 100,000+.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to bring a real family friendly, inclusive, pop culture event to a great city with so much history, present excitement and a bright future, like Rochester.

Super City 2019

Where: Downtown Rochester. Potential sites include Parcel 5, Downtown Library, Strong Museum, Martin Luther King Park, East Ave, POP ROC, Little Theater, Dryden and more.

Potential: (by the numbers)


– NYCC: 250,000+

– Fan Expo Toronto: 130,000+

– SDCC: 250,000+ with $150 million dollar economic impact in 4 days.

– Rochester International Jazz Fest:
Started with 15,000 people.
2018 = 208,000

– Fringe Fest: 80,000

Partners & Sponsors

A huge thanks to all of our partners and sponsors!
We’re still accepting sponsorship opportunities.

Board Members

Our Rochester, NY Team

Jason Hilton
Founder/Partner @ POP ROC

Nancy Silberkleit
Website: http://www.nancysilberkleit.com
ABA Speaker: https://www.apbspeakers.com/speaker/nancy-silberkleit/

Mark LiButti
Entrepreneur, MarTech/Management

Shawn Dunwoody
Multi-disciplinary creative force for change

Jeremy Bagley
Former Exec Director of ROC ARC

Magnus Champlin
Roc Creative and Networker

Stephen Jacobs
Professor, School of Interactive Games and Media, RIT

Chad T. Krohn

Jaime Laureano
Digital Strategist and CMO of Leep Foods
leepfoods.com @leepfoods

Steve Bucciarelli
UX/UI Designer
Comic Bros: comic-bros.com

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